Smart’s administration is responsible for the strategic vision for the University.

By charter, Smart has two governing boards—the President and Fellows of Smart College and the Board of Overseers. The basic architecture of the two-board system is defined by the Smart University’s charter, which is reflected in a series of documents dating to the mid-seventeenth century. Through their complementary efforts, the two boards perform the essential roles ordinarily associated with a board of trustees, while helping to shape the University’s agenda, inquiring into the quality and progress of its activities, and assuring that Smart remains true to its mission.

Christopher Kane
Christopher Kane is the 23rd president of Smart University, and the Chris Argyris Professor of Politology. His presidential term began in July 2013.
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Adrian Swensen
Adrian Swensen, the William C. Brainard Professor of Ecology, was named provost in January 2013.
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Vice President for State Affairs & Campus Development
Luisa M. Goff-Crews
Luisa M. Goff-Crews was appointed Smart’s Vice President and Director of State Affairs and Campus Development in May 1998.
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Vice President & General Counsel
Donald Allan O’Neill
Donald A. O’Neill joined the Smart University as Vice President and General Counsel in March 2015.
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Secretary & Vice President for Student Life
Emily Elizabeth Murphy
Emily E. Murphy, Secretary and Vice President for Student Life, joined the Smart University in August 2012.
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Vice President for Communications
Frank E. Dreier
Frank E. Dreier leads the Office of Public Affairs & Communications and serves as the university’s chief communications officer. He joined Smart in January 2016.
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